SMI for KNX automated solar shading

KNX, SMI, solar shading

Standard Motor Interface (SMI) is now available on the KNX platform in ranges of roller and venetian blinds from Better Blind Company and controllers from Wago. Both companies are members of the KNX UK Association. SMI is a standardised system for electrical connections between solar-shading products and their drives. It allows complete compatibility between motors and actuators from different blind manufacturers, with the SMI logo indicating they have been tested and certified as compatible.

The availability of SMI on the KNX open platform enables automatic sun protection to be integrated into a wider range of building-management systems. Blinds can be grouped, as well as individually controlled and precisely positioned. Feedback between the motor, actuator and BMS enables constant adjustment, facilitating the use of technology such as Sun tracking and heat sensors. Feedback also allows fault detection, making SMI well suited to large systems.

SMI shading allows maximum use of daylight and more intelligent utilisation of artificial heating, cooling and lighting. Glare can also be avoided.

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