Prefabrication plays key role in services for dairy

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Arla’s new flagship dairy at Aylesbury utilises 17 prefabricated modules assembled by NG Bailey to create its main services-distribution corridor. Each of the modules will be 12 m long and 3.5 m wide and will be designed and made at NG Bailey’s offsite facility in Bradford and delivered to site on standard step-deck trailers. Prefabrication enables the spine corridor to be delivered in five weeks, compared to the usual 12 weeks using more traditional methods.

When bolted together, the modules will form a 204 m run of main services distribution, amounting to about 70% of the main services distribution required.

Each module contains all process piped services — including chilled water, low-temperature hot-water heating, steam and condensate, process ice water and glycol circuits. They also include high- and low-voltage distribution and separate containment runs for cabling for data and the building-management system. Prewired lighting trunking with plug-in rockrose connectors is also included in every module.

Paul Beeton, project lead at NG Bailey, said, ‘This is a flagship project for us, and the delivery of the spine corridor marks the first phase of work at Arla’s dairy.’

Features of the modules include thin-walled stainless steel and allowing for expansion of the steam main in each module.

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