Batten-mounted presence detector for fluorescent lighting

CP electronics, lighting, control, presence detector, PIR

CP Electronics has introduced a series of PIR presence detectors to provide automatic control of lighting loads using an infra-red handset. These miniature detectors can be mounted directly to batten-style luminaires — either inside or outside — and controlled manually if required. When movement is detected, the load will switch on. When the area has been empty for an adjustable time period, the load will be switched off. Sensitivity to movement can be adjusted.

These detectors are available in three options ( premium, direct dim and analogue dim), all of which will switch linear and compact fluorescent lighting. The direct-dim version can control DALI or DSI digital ballasts. The analogue dim is for variant control 1 to 10 V dimming ballasts.

The units are IP65 rated, so they can be used outdoors and in wet/washdown areas. A selection of fixing components is supplied for easy incorporation into a variety of luminaire styles.

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