Panasonic expands heat-recovery VRF range

Panasonic has expanded its range of VRF 3-pipe heating and cooling solutions with improved efficiency across the range. For example, the 8 hp unit has a heating COP of 4.77 at 100% load and a cooling EER of 4.5. Piping length has also been increased up to 180 m from the outdoor unit to the furthest indoor unit.

Operating range for both heating and cooling has been extended. By changing the outdoor fan to an inverter-controlled unit the cooling range has been extended by -10°C. Using a compressor with a high-pressure vessel has seen an increase in the heating range, even with an outside temperature of -20°C.

Up to 52 indoor units can be connected, with a capacity ratio of 150%.

Another new feature is selective defrost across multiple outdoor units, without adversely affecting the performance of indoor units.

The heat-recovery boxes are quieter, so they can be installed almost anywhere.

Outdoor units are smaller and quieter. There is one chassis size with a single surface area of 0.93 m2.

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