R22 replacement cuts energy use by 44%

Mitsubishi Electric Air Conditioning, R22
Replacing aging R22 air-conditioning systems with Mitsubishi City Multi Replace technology at the headquarters of Alfa Laval has reduced energy use by 44%.

Year-long monitoring of the performance of upgraded air-conditioning units at the UK headquarters of Alfa Laval has shown a 44% reduction in overall energy use, amounting to around £4200 a year. The work involved replacing aging R22 units with five new City Multi YHM-R2 Replace technology systems from Mitsubishi Electric.

The new systems were monitored using Mitsubishi’s M2M technology and show an improvement in seasonal COP from 3.32 to 4.86 and seasonal EER up from 2.65 to 6.00 compared to the old system.

Alfa Laval’s UK headquarters in Camberley, Surrey, was built in the mid-1990s. The 12-year-old R22 air conditioning was still running well, but nearing the end of its useful operating life. The company was aware of EU regulations for R22 ozone-depleting refrigerant and its imminent phase out for any maintenance work. Mark Walters of Independent Heating & Cooling, which carried out the replacement, says, ‘The offices are used five days a week, so we needed a product that would help us keep disruption to an absolute minimum. The ability of the R22 Replace technology to reuse much of the existing pipework, wiring and power supplies offered just that, and along with our installation expertise was a key factor in securing the contract.’

The old systems included equipment from Mitsubishi and other manufacturers, but the Replace technology can happily accommodate most major brands.

The work was spread over several months to minimise impact on the day-to-day running of business for Alpha Laval. Five new systems now provide simultaneous heating and cooling over the top two floors of the building.

The air conditioning is controlled locally with PAR-27MEA controllers linked to a time clock, overseen by three central GB50 controllers. This will allow for improved central control and more intelligent scheduling, bringing greater control over energy use throughout the week.

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