Heatrae Sadia moves into heat recovery

Heatrae Sadia has entered the heat-recovery market with a shower heat-recovery unit and mechanical ventilation with heat recovery. These products are primarily designed for new homes but can also be retrofitted into existing dwellings to deliver savings comparable with solar thermal.

The SHRU 60 shower heat-recovery unit transfers up to 60% of the heat from discharged water into the incoming supply. It can deliver significant improvements to SAP scores and is said to be one of the most cost-effective ways to meet SAP requirements. It also qualifies for Green Deal funding.

Mechanical ventilation with heat recovery is provided by Itho Advance and HRU ECO 4 units.

The HRU ECO 4 recovers up to 91% of the heat in outgoing air and transfers it to incoming air. Using it for continuous extraction from wet rooms used less energy than traditional intermittent fans.

The Advance unit is designed for apartments and small houses. It has a specific fan power of just 0.37 W/l/s, leading to the creation of an SAP Appendix Q category of 0.4 W/l/s or less.

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