Lightsource claims a third of solarPV capacity in first quarter of 2013

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Installed by Lightsource on the roof of Bentley Motors’ factory in Crewe is this 5 MW solarPV array comprising 20 000 panels. It will produce up to 40% of Bentley’s energy requirements and reduce CO2 emissions by over 2500 t a year.

Lightsource Renewable Energy installed over a third of the solarPV capacity that came on stream in the UK in the first quarter of 2013, according to its interpretation of data published by Bloomberg New Energy Finance. The report indicates that 350 MW(p) of commissioned solar capacity came on stream in the first quarter. During that period, Lightsource developed and connected 34 projects to the grid, with a capacity of 133 MW(p) — 38% of the total.

Nick Boyle, CEO of Lightsource, said, ‘It is my firm belief that the UK has become one of the most robust solar markets in the world. These results show we are well on track to achieving the Government’s target of 22 GW installed solarPV by 2020.’

Since Lightsource began delivering solarPV projects in 2011, the company has developed and commissioned utility-scale solar totally 250 MW(p) in the UK.

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