Lamp-recycling rates show sharp increase

The recycling rate of waste lamps saw a 34% increase from 2011 to 2012, according to figures from the Environment Agency. This increase is greater than the combined increase of 27% from 2008, when lamp-recycling rates were first recorded, until 2011. In 2012, the tonnage of waste lamps recycled by all producer compliance schemes in the UK was 39.5%.

Recolight’s scheme, which is operated by lamp producers, accounts for the vast majority of the lamps recycled. 2012 data shows that the recorded UK business recycling rate for all WEEE sectors is just 5%, compared to the lamp-industry result of 39.5%.

The increase in recycling rates is partly due to a reduction in the tonnage of new lamps put on the market, but without a corresponding reduction in tonnage of lamps recycled — resulting in a higher capture rate.

The Recolight scheme was launched in 2005 by GE, Osram, Havells Sylvania and Philips. There are now 120 lamp-producer members.

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