Green Deal assessments double month-on-month

The number of Green Deal assessments carried out by the end of April was over double that at the end of March, reports the Department of Energy & Climate Change. The scheme was launched at the end of January, and 18 816 assessments had been carried out by the end of April. What has not yet been reported is how many Green Deal plans have been taken up; that information will not become available until June.

Commenting on the latest statistics, Greg Barker, Climate Change Minister, said, ‘It is still early days for this long-term initiative, but this is a clear sign of growing interest from consumers, with people keen to improve the efficiency of their homes to make them warmer and help save money on bills.

‘The number of businesses offering Green Deal services is also building momentum. At the end of April, There were 55 authorised Green Deal providers, 1274 individuals registered to carry out assessments, and 942 organisations signed up to carry out installations. It’s fantastic to see householders and business cottoning on to the benefits and rising to the challenge.’

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