Mapress ensures fast progress for school work

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Geberit’s Mapress pipe system is put through its paces for the refurbishment of a school heating system.

Geberit’s Mapress carbon-steel pipe system played a key role in the refurbishment of an antiquated system at Forest Hill School in Horsham. This comprehensive school has over a thousand pupils and is set in 20 acres. BSW Building Services undertook the heating refurbishment in two phases.

The first stage was to install new boiler plant in the main boiler house and the sports hall — linked to existing heating circuits via plate heat exchangers.

The second phase involved the upgrade of 200 radiators, 50 fan convectors and five radiant panels using Geberit pipe and fittings.

Joints are made using a press-fitting tool. Any connections that are not properly fixed during installation are readily spotted during the leak test and put right. Additional security is provided by indicator foils which are moved after the correct pressing operation. These indicators are colour coded by material type, and branded with their size to aid the installer.

According to a BSRIA report, cost savings of 35% can be achieved compared with traditional systems, as well as time on site.

There is no requirement for hot works, and joints are clean.

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