New boilers at Hampton Court are a-mazing

Hoval, boiler, space heating
Modern standards of performance in an historic setting — Hoval boilers in Hampton Court Palace.

New boilers at Hampton Court Palace are expected to reduce energy costs by £4000 a year compared to the boilers dating from the 1970s that they have replaced. Senior maintenance engineer Darren King explained, ‘The old boilers weren’t very efficient, had very little control and sourcing spares was becoming difficult — so it was clearly time to replace them.’ Their replacements are two Hoval UltraGas condensing boilers.

Controllability was a key factor because indoor temperatures must not rise above 16°C to prevent the building fabric drying out. UltraGas boilers have modulating burners with up to 12:1 turndown ratio — to deliver efficient heating and take full advantage of low return temperatures to maximise condensing operation.

The boilers are linked to the building-management system and provide space heating for workshops, storage areas and the main reception area.

It was not possible to attach system components to the walls or ceiling of the space in this historic building that is used as the plant room. The new boilers are therefore fixed to the floor, and a floor-mounted framework as been built around them to support pipework, valves etc.

Hoval holds a Royal Warrant as boiler manufacturer and engineer to HM The Queen. The company’s boilers are in use at Buckingham Palace, Windsor Castle and Holyrood Palace. Hampton Court Palace is the most recent of a number of former and existing royal residencies heated by Hoval boilers.

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