Grooved pipe couplings slash installation time

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Victaulic grooved pipe couplings helped save four months for this energy centre at a research centre in Germany.

Using some 5000 Victaulic grooved mechanical pipe couplings for an energy supply centre and sub-sections of a research centre in Germany helped Cofely complete the work four months ahead of schedule by saving on welding. The project was for the Friedrich-Loeffler Institute, which is involved in the health of agricultural livestock and protecting humans against infections that are transferrable from animals.

The Cofely contract totalled €50 million. Piped services include drinking water, heating and cooling, compressed air, condensation and the reverse-osmosis line used to disinfect waste water. Cofely was involved from the design phase and was supported for this project by weekly site visits from Victaulic to help oversee the installation and provide technical help on the ground.

Michael Kroger, senior TGA project manager of the working committee, explains, ‘The fact that we finished the project four months ahead of schedule was partly thanks to the fast installation time of the piping systems with Victaulic. Coupled with the fact that we would have had to X-ray welds, the mechanical pipe delivered additional benefits.’

This high-security complex has 89 laboratory rooms and over 150 stable units.

Cofely was familiar with Victaulic systems from previous projects, and Victaulic was able to offer transparent calculations and provide clear installation instructions to avoid many potential technical issues.

The site is on an island, and the threat of storms and server weather necessitates a back-up plant in case of adverse weather. Victaulic couplings are used in the huge emergency fuel storage, which has six underground tanks and can keep the whole complex running for a week if power fails completely.

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