Packaged plate heat exchangers deliver instant hot water

Lochinvar, DHW, hot water, plate heat exchanger

Lochinvar’s LOK range of package plate heat exchangers comes in 11 sizes to deliver hot water at rates from 872 to 9544 l/h at 50 K temperature rise. Each model is available with single or twin primary LTHW pumps.

A key feature of the range is the enhanced 4-port valve, which speeds up the delivery of hot water and improves system efficiency.

When the system is up to temperature and hot-water demand is satisfied, the valve closes to allow the primary pump and the PHE pump to continue cycling.

As soon as there is a demand for hot water, the 4-port valve opens to provide hot-water instantly; there is no delay which water is re-heated and recirculated to the PHE.

This feature is particularly useful on systems with intermittent high demand.

Made of 316L stainless steel, the LOK range has a thermal efficiency of 98% and can be used with Lochinvar’s buffer vessels, which range from 300 to 1155 l.

These units can be supplied BMS ready and set up for internal pasteurisation to guard against the build-up of legionella bacteria. Insulation jackets are also available.

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