Ellis cleats add to fire safety at Canary Wharf

Ellis, cable cleat
Helping to maintain fire safety in a 23-storey building at Canary Wharf, stainless-steel fireproof cable cleats from Ellis.

Fire-proof cable cleats made by Ellis have been installed throughout the 23-storey BP4 tower at Canary Wharf, London. Designed specifically for protection with fire-protection (FP) rated cables, the Phoenix cleats are made from 316L stainless steel and are fireproof and corrosion resistant.

‘For FP-rated cables to continue working in an emergency, they need to remain intact and in place,’ explains Ellis’s UK sales director Paul Nolan. ‘If these cables aren’t properly restrained, the risks are the loss of vital services and the likelihood of live cables falling and causing potentially lethal hazards.’

During 2013, Ellis called for a ban on the use of plastic products as the sole means of cable support in areas where fallen cables may put fire fighters’ lives at risk. This widely publicised call has resulted in a forthcoming change to Building Regulations.’

The cleats were specified by Hilson Moran through Ellis’s UK distributor ETS Cable Components and installed by Phoenix ME Ltd in this 130 m-high 50 000 m2 building.

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