Safe cleaning for commercial boiler heating systems

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Sentinel Commercial’s X400 formulation for cleaning and restoring wet heating systems is pH neutral and harmless to all system metals, including aluminium, during the cleaning and restoring process. X400 is ideal for systems with a significant existing build-up of settled sludge. It lifts and disperses old corrosion debris, making it suitable for use whenever cleaning operations are scheduled before installing a new boiler or system component.

X400 also provides a solution for the problem of radiators exhibiting cold zones due to sludge build-up.

Normal dosage is 1%, although for systems with extreme fouling, the dose can be increased to 5%. Normal system pump circulation is used to distribute the product, although external equipment can often deliver a more comprehensive clean.

The system should be drained and flushed after cleaning until the water runs clear. On refill, it is advised that X100 inhibitor or X500 inhibited anti-freeze is introduced to the system for continued protection against corrosion and limescale.

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