Assisted washrooms

Clos-o-Mat’s ‘expert’ blog service is designed to help installers of assisted washrooms overcome the typical and less-obvious issues arising during the installation of Changing Places public accessible toilets and hygiene rooms.

Kelvin Grimes, senior project manager for Clos-o-Mat Changing Places, says, ‘It seems basic, but we often get to site to undertake installations to find stud walls are not structurally strong enough to carry the load bearing of a wall-mounted height-adjustable changing bench, that electrics are in the wrong place or not available at all, even that there is no water supply.

‘My blog enables installers and the management team providing the toilet to quickly double check any queries — on their computer at work or on site via smartphone or tablet.

‘To be really sure, an early site meeting with us, entirely free of charge, helps eliminate any problems.'

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