Ideal Boilers buildings in Hull are recycled

Helping to address the shortage of facing brickwork in the UK is the reclaiming of bricks from buildings being demolished on the site of Ideal Boilers on National Avenue in Hull to be used for building new houses. The buildings are being demolished to allow for site and manufacturing improvements.

So far, 140 000 bricks have been saved, enough to help build about 20 houses. The reclaimed bricks will, however, be used for patched repairs and extensions on older buildings requiring improvement. Material that is unsuitable for building will be crushed and used as a sub-layer for roads and other buildings. Nothing will go to waste or landfill.

Steve Winn, project manager at Ideal Boilers says, ‘We are delighted that we are able to recycle the old buildings. As a business we are committed to energy efficiency and wherever possible remain both eco-friendly and economical, which is why we have chosen to recycle rather than send anything to landfill. Delaney Marling Partnership of Grimsby has overseen the CDM for the whole project, providing specialist advice on the health and safety of both phases of the demolition project.’

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