Fan-convector units behave like a radiator — but more efficiently

Smith's Environmental Products, space heating, fan convector

Eco-Powerad fan-convector units from Smith’s Environmental Products have a much greater heat outputs than radiators of a similar size but are priced similarly. These units provide heat from the floor upwards and are said to be up to 31% more efficient than a radiator of equivalent output. They offer the benefit of low surface temperature.

The can operate with flow temperatures as low as 35°, which is well suited to heat pumps and enable then to generate SAP improvements of 7.5% over traditional radiators.

Eco-Powerad units will switch on and off automatically with the central-heating system. The addition of TRVs provides efficient control of room temperature.

A low-temperature sensor prevents the fan coming on until the water temperature reaches a pre-set level, usually 35°C.

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