More cooling capacity from York Sonata chillers

Cooling capacities from 314 to over 1800 kW are offered by York’s extended range of Sonata low-noise chillers.
York International has extended its energy-efficient range of low-noise YAES Sonata chillers to provide cooling capacities of over 1800 kW at typical UK conditions. These air-cooled chillers have screw compressors. The Sonata range starts at 314 kW and achieves sound-pressure levels as low as 51.4 dB(A) at low fan speed and 10 m distance. This is achieved using acoustically treated enclosures to contain compressors, valves and piping systems. These chillers also used specially designed low-noise, 2-speed fans. High-efficiency models in the range have energy-efficiency ratios exceeding 2.8 and qualify for Enhanced Capital Allowances.
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