Ventilator provides controllable natural ventilation

Controllable natural ventilation is provided by thermally efficient Aircool units from Passivent.
Passivent has introduced a range of controllable façade ventilators for natural-ventilation schemes. The Aircool range has been redesigned to enhance its performance. Compared with mechanical ventilation, natural ventilation reduces capital costs by 15%, operating costs by 40% and almost eliminates maintenance costs. Aircool ventilators are installed in the façade to provide controlled intakes or extracts for fresh air as part of a natural-ventilation system. They can also be used with mechanical cooling systems to reduce the need for daytime cooling and air conditioning. Only 1 W of electrical power is required to attenuate the ventilation louvres, which can be minutely adjusted to control airflow without draughts, taking into account the weather outside (the speed and direction of wind, rain and temperature). These ventilators are insulated and have thermal breaks and are as thermally efficient when they are closed as a standard double-glazed window. Acoustic versions of these ventilators are also available. They can be designed into new buildings and retro-fitted in refurbishment programmes.
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