Web-based workstation for CentraLine building-management systems

A web-based workstation package is now available for CentraLine building-management systems.
The Arena web-based workstation package has been introduced as the standard interface to CentraLine building-management systems. Buildings can be managed easily via a browser, locally or from anywhere in the world. Typical premises include offices, schools, health centres, public and apartment buildings, health centres and retail premises. Time programs for individual rooms, areas or an entire building can be changed with a few mouse clicks, making it easy to react to changing holiday periods or business hours. Arena minimises engineering effort through plug-and-play functionality and automatic identification of all devices on the network. Workstations can be given their own IP addresses and accessed from anywhere in the world without buying additional licences. CentraLine employs proven technologies from a global HVAC leader, precisely tailored to the individual requirements of commercial, public or mixed-use premises.
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