New sensors from Steinel

New products from Steinel include three infra-red sensors, a fast-motion detector and a photoelectric lighting controller.
Steinel has launched three new infra-sensors, a fast motion detector and a photo-electric lighting controller. Corridor, wall-mounted and ceiling sensors have been added to the popular IS range of infra-red sensors. They feature modular design with a standard first-fix element across the range for ease of installation, combined with spacious wiring compartment for ease of access to plug-in terminals. All the new IS products have time settings from 5 s to 15 min, twilight settings from 2 to 2000 lx and selectable ‘on’ times. The HF 3360 is a high-frequency sensor for indoor use and provides fast-motion detection independently of temperature. It has a variable reach from 1 to 8 m with 360° coverage using a 180° aperture. The NM 5000 photo-electric lighting controller is ideal for switching night-time illumination such as shop lighting. It has a twilight setting from 0.5 to 100 lx. All these new products have a maximum output of 2 kW for resistive loads and 1 kW for uncorrected inductive loads.
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