Applying Internet technology to building automation

The application of Internet technology to building automation is the subject of a free ‘white paper’ from Priva Building Intelligence. It considers the use of TCP/IP in developing interactive building systems. Internet technology has been introduced into modern building-management systems with browser control, e-mail reporting and XML data exchange being integrated into intelligent controllers. All these technologies are based on TCP/IP. The paper provides details on the technology behind the network protocol, plus the BMS options offered by the internet. Kees van Grieken, the author of the paper, says, ‘The strength of Internet technology lies in the fact that information is gathered where it is produced, its operation being based on the use of a browser. The information is supplied ready for use, to that the operator at the workstation does not need an specific BMS knowledge to display it.’ The paper is in the ’news’ section of Priva's web site.
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