Club steward enthuses about the benefits of air filters

A total of 14 Honeywell air cleaners in the Patchway Sports & Social Club in the south west enables both smokers and non-smokers to enjoy its facilities
Cigarette-smoke pollution problems in one of the largest social clubs in the south west of England have been solved by installing Honeywell electrostatic air cleaners. This sports and social club has 3000 members and staff, and club steward Shaun Mullan believes there is no need to impose a smoking ban anywhere. He says, ‘Our air cleaners and extractors are highly effective in removing pollution. Politicians should get out and see what’s possible, because the effect of the air cleaners here has been really dramatic. There’s no smoke. ‘It proves there is room for compromise. People can be allowed to smoke, yet non-one suffers from pollution. ‘Perhaps air cleaners should be compulsory in pubs. Fit air cleaners if you want to keep your licence.’ The club has a total of 14 Honeywell air cleaners in its main lounge, games room, quiet lounge and function room. They are all model F57, which fits neatly into false-ceiling voids. They were installed by Wessex Products, which also maintains them. These electrostatic air cleaners work in two ways. First, larger particles are trapped by a mesh filter. The remaining tiny particles receive an electrostatic charge and are attracted onto aluminium plates. They are designed to provide effective air distribution, whilst minimising draughts.
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