Trials of fan diffusers show energy savings

ebm-papst, air cooled condenser, diffuser, AxiTop
Trials of ebm-papst’s AxiTop diffuser on condenser units (centre) have shown considerable reductions in energy consumption.

Substantial reductions in the energy consumption of condenser packs operated by a major UK supermarket have been achieved by adding ebm-papst’s AxiTop diffuser to existing EC Hyblade axial fans. Energy savings of 15 to 51% were achieved on condenser packs running at part load and 26% at full load. The trial demonstrated that upgrading existing systems with AxiTop can not only improve the efficiency of the fans but also improve the efficiency of the whole system.

The trial was carried out by Space Engineering Services and Coolers & Condensers to evaluate the energy-saving benefits of retrofitting existing EC condenser fans with the AxiTop diffuser.

The AxiTop diffuser has been developed to fit the ebm-papst range of HyBlade axial fans as supplied to all major refrigeration-plant manufacturers. It can be retrofitted to existing fans to reduce nose, decrease power consumption and improve fan performance.

Simply replacing a standard fan with a guard grille for one with a support arm, guard grille and AxiTop diffuser, power consumption can be cut by up to 27% and operating noise by up to 7.2 dB(A).

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