Air terminal diffuser uses perforated ceiling panel as its diffuser

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Veltem’s Hidden Diffuser (HD) air terminal device incorporates the standard ceiling manufacturer’s suspended ceiling tile as its faceplace, typically using 1.8 mm holes with 20% free area or 2.2 mm holes with 25% free area. It is therefore almost invisible once installed.

The induction process is created millimetres from the face of the diffuser, so no room air is induced into the plenum. As a result, the amount of dirty room air accumulated on the face is very low, so the diffuser rarely needs cleaning.

The same ceiling tiles, without scrim backing material, can be used for return/extract air.

Veltem also offers acoustic return-air canopies to remove cross talk or noise breakout.

No longer will the spacing of diffusers be compromised by symmetrical appearance taking precedence of the best technical layout. The usual features for ceiling-mounted diffusers are available — including small side-entry plena for low or congested ceiling voids, dampers and internal lining.

The HD can also be retrofitted with little modification to an existing ceiling system.

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