Cool-Therm supplies chillers with low-GWP refrigerants

Cool-therm, chiller, refrigerant, natural refrigerant, hydrocarbon, HFO, R1234ze
Chillers using an HFO refrigerant have been supplied by Cool-Therm for a projects in the Midlands.

Cool-Therm has recently supplied chillers using HFO and hydrocarbon refrigerants as clients become more concerned about the global warming potential of HFC refrigerants. the projects use chillers with reciprocating compressors.

An HFO chillier was specified for a new research centre in Nottingham. It uses HFO 1234ze, which has a GWP of less than six — attracting additional BREEAM and LEED credits. This 60 kW ducted VHR chiller made by Italian company Geoclima is equipped with refrigerant leak detection and automatic pump down to isolate the plant from the building in the event of a leak. It was installed by Imtech G&H.

The hydrocarbon chillers use propane (R290) and were installed by Climate Heating & Plumbing Services.

Cool-therm, chiller, refrigerant, natural refrigerant, hydrocarbon, HFO, R1234ze
Chillers using a hydrocarbon refrigerant have been supplied by Cool-Therm for projects in the Midlands.

One was for a Co-op convenience store at Alsager in Staffordshire to provide comfort cooling for the store. Acoustic attenuation was fitted around the compressor to ensure the noise specification was met.

The other propane chiller was for a building of South Staffordshire Council.

Martin Sharman, head of Cool-Therm’s Midlands office, said, ‘These projects demonstrate the increasing interest in the market for natural refrigerants and Low-GWP cooling solutions. There is no doubt a change is taking place among forward-thinking consultants and end users.’

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