Hitachi chillers achieve high seasonal efficiency

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Hitachi Air Conditioning’s Samurai RCME-WH series of air-conditioning units is designed to achieve high seasonal efficiency in small- to large-scale commercial and industrial applications. There are four basic modules (140, 180, 220 and 260 kW), which can be combined up to a maximum of eight to achieve a chiller combination of up to 2080 kW.

They use Hitachi screw compressors that are optimised for R134a and part-load performance. Seasonal efficiencies of up to 6.8 can be achieved.

These units have a refrigerant charge up to 60% les than other chillers of similar capacity. This is achieved by using true dual type plate heat exchangers, twin electronic expansion valves and a cyclonic oil separator.

Depending on the combination of modules, capacity can be controlled continuously down to 3%. Water outlet temperatures can be controlled to ±0.5 K.

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