Energy-management system is all inclusive

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Schneider Electric’s energy-management software (Energy Server Com’X 510) is a simple energy-management solution that collects and stores a range of energy data. It includes data from electrical distribution devices, smart panels, sensors such as temperature, humidity and CO2, and WAGES (water, air, gas, electricity and steam) metering devices.

The software is easy to navigate and analyses real-time data and historical data to provide a comprehensive view of energy consumption that enables the implementation of energy-efficient actions.

Poonam Walid, category marketing manager, explains, ‘In light of the regulation which stipulates that organisations that qualify for ESOS must carry out energy audits every four years, the Energy Server Com’X 510 has been launched to help end users receive a comprehensive overview of all energy consumption to help identify cost-effective energy saving measures.’

This plug-and-play software can log and store two years’ worth of data. Embedded web pages enable energy data to be viewed and managed on site.

Energy Server Com’X 510 can be clipped onto a DIN rail.

Batches of stored data can be periodically transmitted to an internet server as XML and CSV files.

A system can be set up and configured very quickly via its built-in web pages. Devices in a system are automatically detected and assigned an IP address.

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