Airedale International returns to Rawdon after major fire

Airedale, air conditioning

Airedale International has returned to its site at Rawdon in Leeds into a redeveloped facility following a major fire in September 2013. The company designs and manufactures high-technology cooling systems for data centres, healthcare, and industrial and commercial environments worldwide. Following the fire, the company recovered by relocating to temporary facilities near Leeds city centre while the old building was demolished and redeveloped.

Production was gradually moved back to the facility on a phased basis during the last few months ahead of the official handover by contractor BAM Construction on 18 December 2015. The 100-strong administrative team was the last to move before the new facility become fully operational on 4 January 2016.

Airedale acquired the site in 1979 and gradually extended the layout, including an extension that was opened by the Duchess of Kent in 1984.

With an area of about 22 000 m2, the new facility occupies broadly the same footprint but is designed around the needs of a 21st-century manufacturing business. Together with a significant investment in new capital equipment, Airedale will enjoy even greater efficiencies in operation.

The facility also includes a state-of-the-art R&D facility with the capacity to test systems of up to 2 MW. A wide range of temperatures and voltages can be applied when testing systems, replicating divergent global conditions for export units.

Managing director Clive Parkman said: ‘After a year where we celebrated further awards successes for innovation in both product development and service delivery, we fully expect 2016 to mark another landmark in Airedale’s history. Our on-going R&D programme will see us continue to set the bar for the development of high-efficiency, high-performance systems and solutions and we’re targeting new geographical and vertical markets to supplement our existing base.’

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