Fujitsu adds to its air-conditioning range

Fujitsu has introduced a range of 10 kW single split wall-mounted air-conditioning units and a range ceiling cassettes with airflow all round, including at the corners. With traditional cassettes, four louvres along each edge direct air in four separate streams, With this 360° cassette, there is just one uninterrupted air stream.

Colin Goode, product and specification manager, explains, ‘The all-new 10 kW wall mount is a versatile high-efficiency unit that our customers have been asking for.’ This inverter-driven heating/cooling unit has an A+/A+ energy rating and can operate in heating and cooling modes down to an ambient temperature of -15°C — making it suitable for server rooms as well as commercial office applications. Its suitability for server rooms is enhanced by the option of operating two systems in a run and standby arrangement.

For unoccupied spaces, a ‘10°C heat’ function prevents space temperatures dropping too low.

Control options include wired and wireless remote controls and a touch-panel model.

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