CAD simulation tool for DX systems- integrated function to calculate EN378 conformity comes to the aide of HVAC designers.


LG has a reputation in the air conditioning sector for the provision of tools that help HVAC designers work more quickly and accurately as they design systems for their customers.

LatsCAD from LG acts as an AUTOCAD ‘add-on’ for the 2D design of DX Systems. It was specifically developed for, and in conjunction with, consulting engineering companies in the field of HVAC that want to improve the effectiveness and accuracy of their DX systems design, while saving time.

European Standard EN378 limits the gas concentration (kg/m3) for buildings with people (work, health, school, hospitality to name but a few). The regulation became effective in October 2000, and it states that all precautionary measures practicable shall be taken to prevent and minimise leakages of refrigerants from refrigeration and air-conditioning systems.

As the air conditioning design is being made for a building project, calculations also need to be carried out in order to establish conformity to several European laws, one of which is the conformity calculation for EN378, attained with the following formula: Amount/Volume�0,44 kg/m^3.

In this equation, the “Amount” is defined as the entire quantity of refrigerant in the system in kilograms and the “Volume” represents the volume of the smallest room through which refrigerant passes plus the fresh air flow rate for a 10 minute duration, given in cubic meters. Design engineers for air conditioning projects tackle the task with care and attention to detail, and because of the due diligence needed to ensure compliance with regulations, LG has invested significantly in LatsCad to ease the designer’s tasks.

LG’s LatsCAD’s recently integrated function calculates and checks compliance for EN378 automatically. With this function, designing time has significantly been reduced and after simulation, a HVAC consultant or designer can easily observe which systems are not conforming to EN378 with simple and clear displays in the design output.

LG’s commitment is extended into providing EN378 conformity simulations dedicated to its systems regardless of application. Designing LG air conditioning systems has become easier and more accurate than ever, securing precise system design, AUTOCAD view, summarising Excel reports and conformity simulations.

To find out more about LatsCad, call LG on 01932 331 4000

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