Andrews Chiller Hire responds to urgent need of London Hotel

Andrews Chiller Hire, air conditioning, chilled water

Andrews Chiller Hire was quick to respond to the urgent requirements of a large 5-star hotel in London when its air-conditioners were taken offline while waiting for new plant to be installed. The hotel has 400 bedrooms, including a number of studio and bedroom suites. Taking the existing chiller plant offline had a more significant effect on the hotel cooling than management had anticipated, so a solution was urgently needed.

In response to an urgent request, Andrews had a 750 kW chiller on site and installed within 48 h. The chiller had to be positioned in a restricted service road at the rear of the hotel (as pictured), which meant out-of-hours delivery to prevent disruptions. The chiller was left on a trailer in a parking bay next to the service road.

Access and installation was extremely difficult — but a way of life for the Andrews team. Hoses from the chiller were passed down a light well into the hotel basement, along a corridor and connected to the chiller circuit to restore cooling to the hotel.

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