A1 Flue Systems investment boosts productivity

A1 Flue Systems, flues

Flue manufacturer A1 Flue Systems has boosted productivity by 30% in a year following a £250 000 investment. It included new machinery, key infrastructure upgrades and reconfiguring the flow of its manufacturing assembly line. Eight new jobs have been created

Director TJ Duncan-Moir (left in photo with fellow director John Hamnett) explained that the rationale behind the reconfiguration has been to group processes into more-sequential sectors to achieve a better flow of products throughout the various stages of manufacture in the 5000 m2 factory.

She said, ‘We work on more than 5000 projects a year, and that can range from a simple replacement flue for a school boiler in Devon to a complete flue and chimney system for a skyscraper in Dubai.

‘We have seen a huge uplift in project wins since Brexit. In the last half of 2016 alone, we saw a £1 million increase in orders, due in part to the price hikes forced upon our competitors that have ot import their products from Europe.’

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