Trace-heating cables have safer fire properties

Pentair, Raychem, trace heating

Pentair’s Raychem XL-Trace LSZH range of self-regulating trace-heating cables to protect pies from freezing emit very little smoke and no halogens in the event of a fire. Smoke emissions are up to 90% less than typical polyolefin-jacketed solutions.

Unlike constant-wattage series heaters and zone heating cables, Raychem self-regulating cables vary their power output to heat only when needed. When combined with the brand’s wide range of pipe-freeze protection controls, further energy savings of up to 75% can be achieved.

The XL-Trace range is fully compatible with the RayClic fast-connection system. With the insulation-displacement connector making the electrical connection, installation time and total installed costs are significantly reduced compare with heat-shrink alternatives.

Available in heating-circuit lengths of up to 215 m, these cables have a bend radius of only 10 mm and can be cut to any length on site.

XL-Trace cables are available with four power inputs from 10 to 31 W/m to cater for multiple pipe sizes.

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