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Panasonic, Datanavi

Panasonic has unveiled an app which gives users instant access to product information to support quick and informed maintenance of its heating and cooling solutions.

The Datanavi app, powered by Panasonic’s Light ID technology, delivers product information to the smart device of the owner or maintenance professional for easy commissioning and maintenance.

Datanavi ecognises a product’s unique Light ID code, which is transmitted by the LED light source in the product remote controller. App users receive the ID code by holding a smart phone up to the LED light source on the remote, which will then transmit invisible high-speed light flashes or Light ID codes.

After receiving the ID, the app connects to the Cloud to acquire the product’s information, displaying it on the device’s screen. For this to work, a new remote controller (CZ-RTC5B) with light ID technology can be used with selected Panasonic heating and cooling products.

Datanavi provides users with information stored in the cloud such as manuals, installation and maintenance details or energy consumption reports. The app can also notify users when maintenance is required. When the remote controller shows an error code, the user can see a detailed description of the error by scanning with their smartphone.

The app helps maintenance professionals track product history and servicing requirements. They also have easy access to manuals via their smart device, saving them valuable time.

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