Multi-service chilled beams meet nanotechnology

Multi-service chilled beams built by Trox for the London Centre for Nanotechnology provide cooling, heating and lighting.
Cooling, heating and lighting are provided by 44 special multi-service chilled beams supplied by Trox for the London Centre for Nanotechnology, a department of University College, London. The contract was worth over £100 000, and Trox worked closely with architect Fielden Clegg Bradley, main contractor Bluestone, consultant Buro Happold and M&E contractor RTT. The units provide downlighting and uplighting to illuminate the slab. PIR sensors to control the lighting are also built in. They are made from perforated steel and incorporate aluminium extrusions with perforated faces. They were delivered to site in returnable and reusable timber crates. Trevor Minns of Trox says, ‘MSCBs can form a distinctive architectural feature in any commercial application. It is a refined and elegant solution to climate control. It frees architects to experiment with bold and flexible interior designs. MSCBs enable our clients to specify the type of light fittings and the performance of the chilled beam, and we then operate as part of the design team alongside the architect, consultant or project manager.’
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