Configuring motor drives — without powering them up

ABB’s FlashDrop enables drive parameters to be written to a motor drive or downloaded in just a couple of seconds, without even starting the drive.
Drive parameters from ABB motor drives can be copied and set in just a couple of seconds using the new FlashDrop technology — without even powering up the drive. A hand-held device comprises a control-panel base unit and programming tip. It can be used to choose and edit parameters and store several sets of parameters. No specialised knowledge is required to use FlashDrop. To transfer parameters between the FlashDrop unit and a drive, the programming tip is plugged into a socket on the drive’s front panel. Since the drive does not have to be connected to a power source, the process can be carried out without even removing the drive from its packaging. Wholesalers could thus configure drives before delivery or high-volume OEMs can speed up the setting of parameters. FlashDrop can also be used with a PC to take advantage of its larger storage capacity. ABB’s DrivePM software is installed on the PC and communication is via the serial port.
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