Commercial storage water heaters sized for replacement market

Designed for the replacement market, Broag’s Rem range of commercial gas-fired storage water heaters are available in four sizes.
Broag’s Rem commercial gas-fired storage water heaters are described as highly resistant to corrosion, benefiting from safe light-up operation and anti-legionella. There are four sizes, and they are configured to common dimensions — making them particularly suitable for the replacement market for large water heaters. All models automatically shut down if the flame fails. The Rem series uses the Correx UP impressed-current system to protect against corrosion, even in areas with low water conductivity. In addition, the storage vessel is thermo-glazed with a high-quality glass lining on all waterside surfaces. Water is stored at a consistently hot temperature, in line with the DHSS Code of Practice for preventing legionella. Hot-water temperature is regulated by a single control thermostat.
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