Replacement Ferroli boilers are better than par at golf club

Installed as a modular system to provide heating and hot water for a golf club near Stockport, these Ferroli Tempra boilers each have an output of 30 kW.
Heating and hot water for the club house at Romiley Golf Club near Stockport are provided by three Ferroli Tempra system boilers, installed to replace life-expired large floor-standing boilers. They were installed by PWS Installations in a modular configuration and have a combined output of 90 kW. Modular installation saves cost and space and enables boilers to be switched off in sequence once the required temperature is reached. Modular installation also provides security of supply. Tempra boilers have a copper heat exchanger, specially shaped for high efficiency. They are designed to operate with an indirect storage cylinder for DHW. Expansion vessels are fitted at the factory, and variable-speed pumps are standard.
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