Simmtronic controls award-winning lighting scheme for BP’s new building at Canary Wharf

Control of the award-winning lighting scheme in this BP financial operations centre at Canary Wharf is achieved using a Simmtronics system.
Simmtronic SPECS3 controls were chosen for the award-winning lighting scheme at BP's new financial operations centre at Canary Wharf in London. For the Cat B fit-out of this 22 000 m2 office at Canada Square, Simmtronic supplied electrical contractor T. Clarke Plc with a fully addressable lighting-control system with automatic light-level compensation and DALI control gear for the special 5-lamp fittings. The lighting scheme was designed by MEIT Associates and won the category for workplaces in the recent Lighting Design Awards. The special light fittings, with their clusters of five lamps, are operated by DALI interfaces. They normally operate at 80% output to produce the required lighting levels. When a lamp fails, the ballasts report back through the Simmtronic lighting control management system, which is programmed to compensate by increasing the light output of the remaining four lamps. This maintains the light level with only minor impact on the light distribution. When the failed lamp is replaced, the system resets to default mode. Lighting and effects have been used extensively to produce visual interest, with colour and intensity changes to create a 'living' environment. Responsive colour-coded lights are used in roof rafts above meeting rooms to indicate their occupation/reservation status. Simmtronic lighting controls have been employed throughout and incorporate presence detection, scene setting, audio-visual interfaces, partition linking and other functions associated with major corporate office developments.
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