Air-handling plant has added features to reduce on-site labour time and costs

By combining the functions of air-handling unit with a host of other services, McQuay has made possible drastic reductions in on-site labour costs for OKI Printing Solutions in Scotland
McQuay UK has drastically reduced on-site labour costs for a huge air-handling unit for a fast-track contract in Scotland by the off-site packaging of electrics, control panels and pipework. Installation time at the new facility of OKI Printing Solutions at Cumbernauld was reduced by 30% for the controls package, and the packaged M&E services were fully tested and pre-commissioned by McQuay before delivery. Once in position, each module only required connection to the factory utilities, ductwork and adjacent units. The 15 000 m2 plant makes and assembles desk-top printers and compatible cartridges. The specification for the M&E services developed by consulting engineers Rybka included a number of air-handling units as part of the air-conditioning design for the production space. McQuay proposed designing and making one New Generation Easdale AHU 120 m long. The project included the off-site installation package of all mechanical pipework, valves, control panels and electrical wiring. The unit is installed as two 60 m-long legs in a well on the roof of the factory. Within the footprint of each leg are five 12 m AHUs. The have uPVC corner pieces and an extruded aluminium frame that is totally separated from the internal airstream by non-metallic shrouding. The pre-galvanised inner and outer skins, filled with 50 mm of foam, are also separated by a non-metallic edge section to eliminate cold bridging. Each unit has an enclosed corridor to one side, which, when fastened to the adjacent modules, incorporates all the packaged items. The AHUs and controls can be serviced and maintained from the corridors. The passage has been sound proofed, and the intake and extract louvres next to the offices below have been extended with acoustic materials to reduce the noise of the air flow entering and leaving the system.
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