Glow-worm works with local authority to improve heating systems

As part of a partnering agreement between Glow-worm and Three Rivers District Council, Lynn Desouza (left) of Glow-worm hosts a visit to the company by John Darwood (centre) and Stuart Duncan of the council.
To increase heating efficiency and deliver improved tenant services in the Three Rivers District Council area in Hertfordshire, the council and boiler manufacturer Glow-worm have entered into a partnering agreement. The agreement was signed by Stuart Duncan and John Darwood from the council and Lynn Desouza from Glow-worm. The council has expressed its commitment to high-efficiency domestic-heating boilers and sees the partnership as valuable support in delivering high-quality maintenance services. The council installs 100 to 120 new boilers each hear and replaces around 250 heating systems. Stuart Duncan says, ‘We were one of the first councils to fully embrace the domestic-heating high-efficiency era, and it has proved to be quite a resounding success with our 380 tenants. We are aiming for continuous improvement which will benefit all parties — the tenants, the council and the environment. A major part of the relationship is the provision of training courses. Stuart Duncan says, ‘We understand we were the first council in the country to successfully complete all the Glow-worm high-efficiency training courses. Training will remain a top priority for both us and Glow-worm.’
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