Priva HVAC control solution minimises the disruption of future changes

The networking capabilities of Priva equipment in this Dutch government building will enable future changes to be made using software.
As part of the extensive refurbishment of a Dutch government building, Priva Building Intelligence is providing an integrated solution for the control of HVAC services, lighting and sun blinds. The refurbishment of this 1984 building includes the installation of an Ethernet network, which will enable the building-management system to take full advantage of system integration. The offices are air conditioned using fan-coil units, supported by perimeter heating. Energy-saving features include ground-source heat pumps and automated sun blinds. Control intelligence will be distributed throughout the building via Priva Compri HX8 controllers incorporating web servers. Local control is by some 1600 Comforte CX controllers linked to Comset CX room controllers and using the Ethernet system to communicate with the Compri HX8 controllers. The Modbus RTU protocol provides the interface with pumps, chillers, frequency converter and energy meters. The clustering arrangement made possible by the ComforteCX units being able to communicate with one another enables whole areas to be regrouped without the need for physical installation, avoiding changes to the infra-structure. This is achieved by grouping selected control units in a single BACnet CX network in software-defined clusters. Even more flexibility is made possible by a controller being the HVAC master for a group of designated zone and the slave to the sun-blinds controller. Cluster configurations are programmed in software during commissioning. Future changes can be achieved using the web browser available with TC WebVision in a few minutes without cabling changes.
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