Fluorescent luminaire has 80 000 h guaranteed life

Aura Actulite luminaires fitted with Aura Ultimate long-life fluorescent lamps have a guaranteed maintenance-free life of 80 000 h.
A written guarantee for at 80 000 h of maintenance-free life is provided with a range of fluorescent luminaires from Aura. Greenstock Lamp company is supplying Aura Ultimate long-life fluorescent tubes to sister company Aura Corporation to fit in Superlife versions of its Actulite polarised daylight fittings. Using patented light-polarising panels, these fittings are said to increase visual acuity by 120%, so that only 350 lx has to be delivered instead of 500 lx. Tony Morrey, managing director of Aura, says, ‘In large organisations, it costs around £100 to change a fluorescent tube and with waste disposal under the WEEE Directive, there are far fewer lamp changes and hence far less waste and greatly reduced labour costs.’ Aura Ultimate lamps use electronic ballasts to achieve the 80 000 h life. Light output falls off by only 10% over that period. The secret to their long life is a patented cathode-shield construction and inside protection layer. They have a CRI of 85% and come in several ratings and six colour temperatures. Those used in Actulite fittings are colour 865 (6500 K).
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