Whole-house ventilation achieves 95% efficiency

Energy-efficient ventilation — this system from Vortice complies with Building Regulations requirements for continuous mechanical extract with heat recovery.
Vortice has introduced a whole-house heat-recovery ventilation system that is said to exceed the requirements of Part L of the Building Regulations. The HRU ECO 3 RF unit is installed in the loft space and has DC motors and a heat exchanger that results in an efficiency of 95%. They are controlled by 3-speed wireless controllers. Because these units supply air at a high temperature, there are no draughts, and there is a constant supply of fresh air. There is no need for background ventilators. The counter-flow heat exchanger is made of a synthetic material. It has many triangular canals in a lattice construction — providing an enormous area for heat transfer. Features include an integrated 100% fully automatic summer bypass valve and frost-protection device. The bypass valve opens when it is no longer necessary to transfer heat. The frost-protection is a gradual device that combines fresh incoming air with warmer air to prevent the unit freezing. Approved Document F1 of the latest Building Regulations defines four systems for ventilating dwellings. The HRU ECO 3 RF fully complies with system 4 — continuous mechanical extract with heat recovery.
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