Underfloor heating delivers discreet comfort for unique mining museum

Even-Heat underfloor heating in a new exhibition gallery at Woodthorn Colliery in Northumberland delivers comfort for visitors without detracting from the working
Discreet underfloor heating in a mining museum in Northumberland provides modern comfort for visitors without distracting from the machinery and other trappings of a working colliery. When Woodthorn Colliery near Ashington was closed, it was converted into a mining museum and visitor centre. Among its attractions are big-screen computer technology to recreate the experience of the mine as it was in 1918. Visitors can endure a ride in the ‘cage’ and see how hard life was at the coalface. Recently, an area of over 500 m2 that was formerly the blacksmith’s forge and workshops has been converted to create additional gallery space and function rooms for the museum. Richard Taylor of Taylor Design Partnership of Gateshead, explains why underfloor heating provided by Even-Heat was the ideal choice to meet the special requirements of the building. ‘By heating the space from the floor up, the Even-Heat system at Woodthorn offers a much better temperature gradient. Temperature is also more constant, which is a much better environment for the museum, including pictures. Its complete invisibility also ensures minimum impact on the reality of the mine experience.’ Over 80 pictures painted by the Pitmen Painters Club, the group of painting miners who captured life in their community in the 1930s, and displayed.
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