McQuay completes first phase of hospital contract

McQuay’s large order for air-conditioning for Derby City general Hospital includes these two ALSE-E super-silent screw chillers.
Air conditioning for Derby City General Hospital, which is being redeveloped by Skanska under a £333 million PFI project, will be provided by McQuay air-handling units and chillers. The first phase of the project includes 50 Easedale FR air-handling units with air flow rates from 1.17 to 17.36 m3/s. They all include heat recovery using run-around coils or plate heat exchangers and serve the pharmacy, education, acute west and the Kings Treatment Centre. These AHUs are served by eight McQuay air-cooled chillers, including six ALS-E super-silent single-screw units and two small reciprocating models. These chillers have cooling capacities from 190 to 950 kW and a noise specification of 61 dB(A) at a metre. They operate with environmentally friendly HFCs. The second batch of equipment is due for delivery in February 2008. It includes 30 AHUs and two chillers for the acute east building and the refurbished retained-estate programme.
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