Chloride passes UPS milestone at Canary Wharf

Keeping business-critical systems running for many companies at Canary Wharf in London are Chloride UPS systems with a total capacity of over 50 MVA.
Over 50 MVA of uninterruptible power supply systems have been supplied to various legal and financial institutions at Canary Wharf in London by Chloride. This concentration of Chloride UPS systems is the largest anywhere in the world, and it continues to grow as more companies move in and entrust their critical-power protection to Chloride, which was recently named Frost & Sullivan European UPS company of the year for 2007. Much of the equipment in Canary Wharf is linked to and monitored by the 24/7 remote monitoring and diagnostics services, with which Chloride effectively takes responsibility for the health of the systems. Chloride has also installed over 55 000 A of Cross static switches to maintain the integrity of the total power protection system, increase the reliability of the power source and eliminate the high percentage of faults linked to electrical distribution problems in the system downstream of the power source. Andrew Lowe, managing director with Chloride UK, says, ‘Our ability to take the most complex power-protection projects from design right through to commissioning and after-care is how Chloride has gained the reputation as an ideal partner for integrated power projects around the world.’
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