LonWorks-based system delivers energy-efficient heating control for school

Heating controls based on the LonWorks protocol provide a flexible heating and automation system that can be controlled from a PC at this primary school in Pudsey.
The building manager of Southroyd Primary School in Pudsey, West Yorkshire, Mick Laycock, is delighted with the school’s new heating control and automation system, which enables him to deliver energy-efficient comfort throughout the school. Installed by Combserve, it uses a LonWorks open system to connect sensors, controllers and an operator interface running on a desktop PC. The LonWorks standard provides flexibility to install the best system components from any manufacturer of LonMark-compatible products — at the outset, during upgrades and if existing components fail. A CentraLine user interface running on a PC enables Mick Laycock to monitor the entire system and make any changes required form his desk. He says, ‘I can set schedules of heating times and temperature setpoints in each part of the school. We have four temperature-controlled zones. Each has its own temperature sensor and time/temperature schedule.’ One controller controls three of the four heating zones, while the other controls the fourth zone, the boilers and a constant-temperature circuit for fan convectors in the school hall. These fan convectors are operated manually as required by switches and thermostats. The school has three boilers connected in parallel, which are fired as necessary and sequenced to equalise use. The system brings heating on to maintain a minimum temperature of 10°C at weekends and during holidays.
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